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Raising My Rainbow

I was standing in the kitchen making breakfast for my two sons.  They wanted waffles and bananas.  They wanted whipped cream on top, not syrup.  They said it was summertime and we should celebrate with whipped cream.  It was sometime around seven in the morning in California.

My smart phone turned bright with an announcement.

#BREAKINGNEWS Supreme Court strikes down federal provision denying benefits to legally married gay couples

Was I reading it right?  Did it mean what I thought it meant?  Could it possibly be true?  Was my smart phone smarter than me?  It was too early in the morning.  The news alert was too confusing.  I needed it in plain English.  I consulted an expert source: Facebook.

Where were you when you learned DOMA was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court?

HRC DOMAIt was the first post that popped up.  I paused.  DOMA had been declared unconstitutional by the…

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Life Isn’t Fair. Get Over It.

Literally as if he has crawled inside my mind and written my thoughts out, only with more sophistication, and perfect vocabulary.

Meditations of a Teenage Philosopher

The world should accept us as who we are, with all of our imperfections, flaws, and desires. Each person should be given the chance to pursue what he or she chooses, without the pressure of financial obligations or familial disgrace. People’s intentions should all fit ours, and no one should have quarrels or disputes or arguments or anything of that nature. We should all be nice and happy, and dream of rainbows and butterflies and live happily ever after, without ever having to worry about chasing the pot of gold.

And we should all live forever upon castles in the sky.

But unfortunately (or fortunately), the world doesn’t work that way. Humanity has never been one to accept, remain complacent, and abide by an incomplete satisfaction. There will always be conflict, and the sooner we acknowledge its existence and begin to fight for our own truths and values, the sooner…

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So I’m new to this…(can you tell?)

I’ve been inspired by a couple of blogs that I have been reading, to start my own blog! (I know, I mean, why else would I be here?) I’ll be sharing my “philosophies”, thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on day to day life and different situations. A couple things about me that most people know are that: I am a strong proponent for LGBTQ rights and quality, in fact, I am surprised that there even is a fight for rights that should already be entitled. But, i’m not here to shove my opinions down your throat, it was just a little fact about me. (I got carried away.) I won’t ever rant about things, or try to force my opinions on others, however, I will stand up for what I think is right, or for anyone who I think deserves it. So far, although this has just been “me, me, me, I, I, I” I figured you’d still want to know a teeny bit more about me so here it goes… I absolutely love psychology; it is so intriguing to learn about our selves and our behaviors. I am also quite in love with cosmetology and make up artistry. I have been kicking myself over not doing tutorials and such, to sort of showcase what I can do, but come on, who has the time? I mean, I’ve certainly been super busy lounging around with my macbook on my lap, in my bed, eating junk food, and watching youtube videos all day. I’m sure some of you can relate. What a struggle.

Well, this was fun. I just wrote about myself. Hopefully you found me slightly interesting and will come back to read some more!!! I’ll hopefully have time to do this blogging thing daily. 


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